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Die Orgel der Pfarrkirche in Olkusz. Hans Hummel und seine Schule | Organy fary olkuskiej. Hans Hummel i jego szkoła
Edited by Krzysztof Urbaniak | pod redakcją Krzysztofa Urbaniaka

durchgängig zweisprachige Texte (deutsch / polnisch)
dwujęzyczne teksty (niemiecki / polski)

Erscheint Ende Mai 2024.

Softcover, four-colour throughout, vol. 1 280 pages, vol. 2 468 pages
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The parish church in Olkusz is home to the largest and best-preserved organ from the early 17th century in Poland. 17th century in Poland. Between 1611 and 1631, Hans Hummel and his pupil Georg Nitrowski the Elder created a work there between 1611 and 1631 whose technical and tonal characteristics formed the starting point for a long line of tradition in organ building. The organ building dynasties that followed Hummel organ-building dynasties of Nitrowski and Brandtner produced instruments for churches of various denominations in the 17th and 18th centuries. instruments for churches of various denominations and language communities on the territory of the territory of the First Polish Republic and beyond, from Spiš to the mouth of the Vistula. In the previous classifications of European organ-building schools, this type of instrument with its characteristic with its characteristic features. The bilingual monograph documents the restoration of the instrument in Olkusz by the company Flentrop (Zaandam), deals with all technical aspects of organ building of the instrument family and and, on the basis of archival and field research, provides catalogues of works for the seven organ builders of the Hummel-Nitrowski-Brandtner school as well as further attributions.

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