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Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg
Musiktheoretiker, Komponist und Publizist in der Zeit der Aufklärung
Edited by Kathrin Eberl-Ruf und Carsten Lange
ISBN 978-3-937788-63-0
Softcover (154 pages, with illustrations), contains CD with excerpts of three concerts with works by Marpurg
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Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg (1718-1795) is regarded as one of the most important, influential and at the same time most controversial German music theorists and music writers of the 18th century. The 300th anniversary of his birth was the occasion to deal with this fascinating personality in the context of an interdisciplinary symposium in the Hanseatic city of Werben (Elbe), near the birthplace of Wendemark. Up to now, musicology has mainly dealt with Marpurg's theoretical work, but only occasionally with his compositions or his biography. The contributions in this volume are dedicated to his origins and life story as well as his work as a music journalist, music theorist and composer in the context of the intellectual and cultural developments of the Enlightenment.

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